Seminar information Jasperreports Developer

Seminar information

Developers and users
Knowledge of Java programming
2-3 days (incl. iReport - basics)
Bound A4 seminar booklet with over 200 pages of knowledge and practical exercises. Sample solutions on accompanying medium (optional USB memory stick).
Training PC per participant.
The maximum group size is limited to 12 participants in all courses. For larger groups there are additional costs for a co-trainer. >
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Seminar goal

In this multi-day seminar you will learn all about the Jaspersoft tools and their integration into your infrastructure and architecture. You will learn how to use JasperReports to create and personalize professional reports, data analyses and visualizations for your company. You will be introduced to the Jaspersoft tools and their integration into your own infrastructures, applications and architectures from a developer and administrator perspective.

You will learn how to design JRXML reports using iReport or Jaspersoft Studio and how to use the JasperReports Server as a reporting center for scheduled report execution or ad-hoc report creation. You will also use dashboards (cockpits) to develop your implementation of the JasperReports Server into a portal solution. With the web-based ad-hoc editor, you can quickly and easily create reports and analyze your business data online.

Seminar content / Agenda

In order to meet the specific requirements and unique architecture of the customer, we design the agenda of our training courses to be variable. We draw on carefully selected content from various training courses that are closely linked to the customer's needs and requirements. This content is tailored precisely to the customer's individual architecture and specific requirements. This customized approach ensures that the training is not only relevant, but also directly related to the customer's real working environment. By integrating content from related training courses, we achieve a comprehensive understanding of the topics while ensuring relevance to the customer's specific challenges. In this way, we can ensure that our training is not only informative, but also extremely effective and practical.

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