Seminar information Talend Open Studio

Seminar information

Developers, users and administrators.
None, knowledge of Java programming and SQL useful.
2 days
Bound A4 seminar booklet with over 200 pages of knowledge and practical exercises. Sample solutions on accompanying medium (optional USB memory stick).
Training PC per participant with Talend Open Studio Version 4.x and newer.
The maximum group size is limited to 12 participants in all courses. For larger groups there are additional costs for a co-trainer.
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Seminar goal

Learn in a two-day seminar how to master even complex data integration tasks quickly and clearly with Talend Open Studio.

Talend Open Studio works with a wide variety of data sources, remotely or in the local network. Benefit from the integrated version management when working in a team and find out how you can use Talend Open Studio to visualize the entire structure and daily loading processes for your data warehouse.

Talend Open Studio masters both ETL and ELT loading processes. And if the associated performance is still not enough for you, you will also be able to develop a highly parallelized process chain after this seminar. You will also learn how to use and implement vital administrative functions such as logging, sending status messages and many other functions to make your ETL processes easier to maintain.

Talend Studio offers different variants that are tailored to different requirements and areas of application:

  1. Talend Data Integration (DI): This variant focuses on data integration and ETL processes (extract, transform and load). It enables data to be extracted from various sources, transformed according to requirements and loaded into various target systems.
  2. Talend ESB (Enterprise Service Bus): This variant is designed to simplify the integration of applications and services in a company. It offers functions for the implementation of message routing, service orchestration and management as well as for the development of APIs (Application Programming Interfaces).
  3. Talend Big Data: This variant is aimed at companies that work with large volumes of data and require the processing of big data applications. It enables the integration of data from various big data sources such as Hadoop, NoSQL databases and cloud storage solutions.

In addition to these variants, Talend Studio also offers other products and extensions for specific use cases and technologies, such as Talend Data Quality for data quality management and Talend Cloud for integration in cloud environments. It is advisable to consult the official Talend website or the product documentation for a complete list of available variants and their functions.

A variety of tips & tricks and best practices will show you how to avoid the pitfalls and weaknesses of Talend Open Studio.

Seminar content / Agenda

  • Overview Talend Open Studio
  • GUI and settings
  • Business process modeling
  • Creation of ETL jobs
  • Metadata-driven job design
  • Structuring and parallelization of jobs
  • Administration and maintainability
  • Management of ETL jobs
  • Special components and application examples

On request, focal points can be set and concrete examples with reference to customer projects can be implemented. In the form of a seminar, the agenda contains a high proportion of practical exercises. In this way, an optimum learning effect can be achieved.

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