Seminar information Jaspersoft Studio

Seminar information

Developers, users, specialist departments
None, knowledge of Java programming and SQL useful
2-3 days, depending on requirements and objectives
Bound A4 seminar booklet with over 200 pages of knowledge and practical exercises. Sample solutions on accompanying medium (optional USB memory stick).
Training - PC per participant with Jasperreports Server Community Edition and Jaspersoft Studio installation, Jasperreports Server installation with Tomcat application server, Postgres DBMS and sample databases (Jaspersoft BI-Suite version 5.x and newer).
The maximum group size is limited to 12 participants in all courses. For larger groups there are additional costs for a co-trainer.
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Seminar goal

Discover the possibilities of the new Jaspersoft Studio in a three-day seminar. Whether you want to learn a completely new reporting tool or replace Eclipse-based iReport, this course will help you understand the differences and create beautiful report templates with Jaspersoft Studio.

You will learn how to prepare data statistically and implement diagrams for trend analyses. You will also be able to create pixel-perfect print templates and implement complex report structures. You will learn how to connect data sources to your templates and see how reports are dynamically populated with information during a scheduled run on the Jasperreports Server.

Thanks to the modular structure of the reports in the exercises, you will learn the methodology of compiling reports from reusable components and creating a uniform "corporate design".

A wide range of tips, tricks and best practices will help you avoid the pitfalls and weaknesses of Jaspersoft Studio and work efficiently.

Seminar content / Agenda

The seminar agenda covers a wide range of topics, including an introduction to the Jaspersoft BI suite, the Jaspersoft Studio program interface, the reporting cycle and structure of reports, data sources, report elements and report deployment. It also covers fields, parameters and variables, diagrams, subdatasets, subreports, crosstabs, expressions, variables and calculations, parameters and controls, corporate design, internationalization, templates and scriptlets. If required, additional themes such as Google Maps / map displays, Fusion Chart Maps widgets (Professional), Flash charts (Professional), HTML5 charts (Professional), table elements and generic elements can be included. The focus can be set individually and specific examples can be implemented with reference to customer projects. The seminar contains a high practical component to ensure an optimal learning effect.

The seminar contents include:

  • Overview Jaspersoft BI-Suite
  • Jaspersoft Studio program interface
  • Reporting cycle and structure
  • Data sources
  • Report elements
  • Report deployment
  • Fields, parameters and variables
  • Diagrams and visualizations
  • Datasets and subqueries
  • Subreports and complex report structures
  • Crosstabs
  • Expressions and function libraries
  • Variables and calculations
  • Parameters and controls
  • Corporate Design
  • Exporter and Jasperreports Properties
  • Internationalization
  • Templates
  • Scriptlets

Optional additions include:

  • Google Maps / Flash Maps (OpenSource / Professional)
  • Fusion charts, maps, widgets (Professional)
  • HTML5 diagrams (Professional)
  • Map representations
  • MapFish integration
  • Accessible PDF (PDF/UA)
  • Table element
  • Generic element
  • and much more - talk to us!

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